Carpet Cleaning After Pets In Southern Georgia

My sister was living with me for a little while, and I could not stand her cats. They left fur everywhere, and I was on a lot of allergy medicine just to tolerate living in the same house. I was not sad when she found somewhere else to stay, because those cats were finally out of my house. I was irritated by the stains they had left from hair balls and marking their territory. I tried pet stain removing sprays, but they were not effective enough to remove all the evidence. I decided I needed a good old fashioned Southern Georgia carpet cleaning company to lift the pet stains from my floors. The company I called for carpet cleaning in Southern Georgia has been around for years. They do quality work, and they guarantee your satisfaction. I made an appointment, and they showed up right on time. The crew got to work moving my furniture around for the most effective carpet cleaning treatment. I am very pleased with the results I got on my floors. The carpet cleaners spot treated the floors, then sprayed them with a special cleaner that lifted the dirt and grime. The final attack was a rinse that left the carpet soft and smelling fresh. I've decided not to allow any more cats in my house. Share