Applying And Repairing Stucco

Stucco can give the exterior of your home a different look than your neighbor's home, while enclosing it in a material that helps to insulate. It is a strong material that gives your home a textured look, making it feel exotic. When using stucco, there are a few guidelines that you should follow when adding it to your home and when needing to make a repair.

The Layers Needed 

Stucco will adhere best to a concrete base. You can also place it over wood surfaces, but it will need a few extra layers added over the wood before adding the stucco. Concrete surfaces will only need a layer of scratch coating. This material is also made from cement and is placed on your home so that stucco can adhere easily. 

Wood surfaces will need an extra layering before the scratch coating layer. You would need to add a waterproof paper to the exterior of your home. Over this, you will need to add a layer of metal lath. This will allow the scratch coating to stick, making the stucco stay in place over wood. As you can see, covering wood takes a bit of patience.

You would then be able to apply the stucco to the home. Stucco can be tinted to change the coloring. It can also be added in a variety of different texturing methods. Choose one that you feel looks best and continue the procedure with the entire exterior.

Fixing Stucco

If you happen to have an area of your stucco siding that cracks, you will need to try to repair it so the rest of the stucco siding will not start falling off of your home. Fixing smaller cracks can be done using caulk. You can use a caulk gun to apply, and press the caulk into place using your finger. Add some more stucco material over the caulked area.

For larger cracks, you will first want to call a foundation specialist to make sure that you are not dealing with a foundation problem. Leave the crack so that they can observe the location, making diagnosis a bit easier.

If the foundation is fine, you will need to use a screwdriver or putty knife to remove any broken pieces of stucco from the crack. The crack will be filled in with a mixture of cement, builder's sand and water. You can purchase stucco crack filler from a hardware store. Follow the package directions for the proper mixing amounts.

First add a masonry bonding agent so the mortar mixture will have something to stick to. This is also found in a hardware store. After the mortar is in place, cover with a fiberglass agent that is made for stucco repair. Finish by painting over the patched area.

If you would rather rely on professional help for applying or repairing stucco, contact a company like Advanced Wall Systems Inc.