This Land Is My Land: 3 Reasons To Survey Property Before Buying It

Mortgage companies are increasingly requiring land surveys before allowing homebuyers to borrow funds, and there are a few good reasons for this. The survey provides you with an overhead view of your property, giving you a legal description. Additionally, a land survey reveals improvements and potential divergences made over the years. Here are a few reasons surveying is really a necessity:

1. Surveys show you any improvements can make to the property.

Your land survey will reveal information about your property that you would never have anticipated. For instance, you might find that the garage is uneven and is in need of repair. Surveying also helps you learn what improvements you can make to your property without infringing on the property of your neighbor or building on an unsuitable area. Additionally, you will learn whether or not there are easements on your property that allow others access.

2. Surveys show you where the property line remains.

The process of land surveying requires analysis of the property's deeds and measurements to confirm that the information documented on paper is accurate in reality. This is a great idea because it prevents any legal issues from popping up later due to discrepancies in the documentation and the physical property line. This can also help you determine if your neighbor's property is intruding on yours, maybe even unknowingly. Additionally, you might want to build a fence of your own without overstepping the boundary, literally. Some families have attempted to build swimming pools only to find that only a small portion of the backyard actually belonged to them.

3. Surveyors can inform you of zoning restrictions.

Some streets may have different restrictions. For instance, you cannot run a business out of a piece of property that is intended only for residential purposes.Knowing how your property is zoned will help you avoid violations. You might also learn that you are unable to have certain types of renovations on your home. For instance, you might live in a historical district where you are not allowed to change the outside color of your home.

Surveys are also helpful after you have purchased the property. The bank may require that you have the land surveyed if you are going to refinance your home or build a driveway, which has requirements for safety. For these reasons and many others, it is helpful to get in touch with a professional land surveyor like the Community Sciences Corporation. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending more money than you intended just to fix minor issues later on.