Heat Pump Not Warming The House Properly? Have An Outdoor Thermostat Installed

The last thing you need to happen during the winter is for your heat pump to not work properly. Even in homes that have new units, there may not be enough heat generated to warm your home to the level of comfort that you like. If this is what you are experiencing, ask your electrician to install a thermostat outside to help. This guide explains why your heat pump may not work as well as it should, and why an outdoor thermostat helps.

Why the Heat Pump Isn't Warming the Home Enough

For homes with electric or gas furnaces, the thermostat instructs the unit to turn on and then warm air is forced through the ducts and vents at a powerful clip. The heat pump does not send the hot air as forcefully, so you may not feel the heat as much.

Because the air does not come out of the registers as powerfully, the thermostat can't regulate the temperature as effectively. Additionally, the heat pump may turn on when the temperature in the home is where you want it because it isn't getting the proper information from the thermostat.

Why an Outdoor Thermostat Helps

Ask your electrician to install a thermostat outdoors so it will keep the heat pump's compressor running all the time. It is about changing the way you think about setting the thermostat. Instead of having the unit kick on when it reaches a certain temperature inside, you are telling the unit to kick on when the outdoor temperature reaches a certain level.

The thermostat won't register a change in temperature until it goes below a certain temperature, that you and the expert determine. Because the compressor is always running, the pump can then send the hot air into the home.

How to Choose a Thermostat

When choosing a thermostat for the electrician to install outdoors, look for one that's programmable and digital versus a dial. Your settings won't get changed if something brushes up against it and there is no dial to get frozen in place during harsh temperatures.

Another thermostat type to consider is one that's made specifically for heat pumps. But this doesn't matter as much as purchasing one that is high quality and comes with a guarantee or warranty.

Consult with your electrician like one from Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc. to see if installing a thermostat outdoors is an option. Work with them to determine the best spot on the exterior of your home to obtain the biggest indoor heating benefit. Share this with others who have a heat pump but want to achieve a warmer indoor environment.