What To Consider Before Buying A Roof Coating

Not every roof needs or has a coating, but you may have encountered a roof coating salesman at some point or another. A roof coating is a type of sealant for your roof designed to protect it against the elements and help it last longer, and it is often sold as a type of renovation you can buy in lieu of replacing your entire roof. A roof coating does have its benefits, but some of its benefits are exaggerated, often by salesman.

Benefits of Coating

Coatings can cover a variety of roof types and slants, so you don't need to worry that yours might not be cut out for it. The type of coating will differ depending on those factors, but the effects are largely the same. In addition, these coatings are colored, so if you're thinking about replacing a roof simply because it looks old and worn, a coating might be a good option instead.

Roof coatings aim to weatherproof your roof material, so it helps water slide off your roof more easily. However, the coatings are also resistant to moss, lichen and pollutants,

Though selling a coating as an alternative to replacing your roof entirely is somewhat disingenuous, it is true that it can benefit your roof if it is old but not yet at the point of needing a full replacement. If your roof material is a little too porous, adding a seal can have the end result of lengthening your roof's life and helping it repel weather more efficiently. This also shields it from the effects of UV rays, which can damage and weaken your roof over time.

Criticisms of Coating

Roof coatings are often said to help accomplish impressive feats, like lowering your energy bills by reflecting light and keeping in heat. In some cases this may happen, but minimally so, and it is not the norm. It's also true that getting a roof coating is an aesthetic improvement, but it may only last a few years depending what kind of climate you live in, and when it starts to fade, it can look unsightly.

There is also a danger of trying to apply a coating to your roof when it needs replacing. A coating may help repel water, but if your roofing material is weak and its structural integrity is fading, a coating will do absolutely nothing to fix this. Avoid going for the cheap option if it's time to replace your roof.

Professional Input

If in doubt, have a contractor come out to inspect the current state of your roof. The roofing tiles are just one factor; you also need to look for possible leaks and weakness in the support. If your roof already has leak issues, some water may have come inside and weakened the wood, and you could also have mold. If any water damage is bad enough, a replacement will be necessary.

Before you buy anything, however, have your roof inspected and get a recommendation on what course of action you should take. If your roof is in good enough shape, it's possible that you won't need to buy a coating at all. Ascertain what benefits you would get from a coating, then see if it would be worth it for the cost.