How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Rustic Retreat

There's something undeniably charming and romantic about rustic style. It's quaint and beautiful; it's the kind of decor that makes you gaze out the window, daydreaming about simpler times. Here are a few ideas to bring those rustic sensibilities into your own home, turning your bedroom into the romantic retreat you've always wanted:

1.Choose beautiful wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture is beautiful and classic. It's durable, natural, and it will last the test of time. To build your rustic bedroom, look for wood that is minimally finished. Lightly oiled, unpainted wooden furniture fits in well with a rustic theme. Minimal finishing allows the wood's natural beauty to shine through. Avoid high-shine varnishes, as they may look too artificial and clash with your chosen theme.

2. Invest in wooden floors.

If your bedroom floor is currently covered in carpeting, consider having the carpet removed and replaced with wood floors. Hardwood flooring is beautiful and elegant. It's also easier to clean than carpeting; any spills can easily be mopped up without the need for a carpet cleaner. Wooden floors will instantly make your bedroom look much more rustic. If natural wooden floors are cost-prohibitive, you can opt for laminate flooring instead. Laminate floors can mimic the look of wooden floors very well, at a fraction of the price.

3. Use accent pieces.

Accent pieces can really tie a room together and give it character. Here's one idea: throw a large, bear-skin rug on your floor. It will cushion your feet early in the morning and protect your feet from the chill of the hardwood floor. If you're a vegetarian or otherwise don't like the idea of having an animal skin in your house, invest in a good faux-fur rug. It's cruelty-free, and best of all, it's cost-effective.

4. Use a wood stove for heat.

A wood stove will turn your rustic bedroom into a romantic hideaway. Imagine lying in bed reading your favorite book while the wood stove crackles and pops, gently surrounding you with warmth. When buying a wood stove, you can choose from a welded steel stove or a cast iron stove; either option is a good choice. Welded steel wood stoves tend to be more inexpensive. On the other hand, cast iron stoves can be very decorative and elegant, as long as you don't mind paying a little more.

Turn your bedroom into a rustic retreat with a little redecorating. These four tips will help you turn your ordinary bedroom into a charming, romantic space that you can enjoy for many years to come. Talk to experts like Aqua Rec's Fireside Hearth & Home for more information.