Wood Siding Shingles: Exploring The Pros And Cons

Are you considering the use of wood siding shingles for the exterior of your home? If so, you should know that like all siding options, wood shingles come with a variety of pros and cons that will ultimately determine how well this siding material is able to meet your specific needs. Below you will learn more about both the good and bad features associated with this siding option so that you can make a truly informed decision regarding whether or not wood siding is the right option for your home.

The Good

  • Easy To Customize - The look of your wood siding can be easily changed using wood stains or paints. This allows you to easily customize the look of your house any time you want without the need to invest in new siding.
  • Durable - Wood siding is incredibly durable and able to stand up to a wide range of weather conditions, as well as the aging process. This impressive durability allows wood siding to last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Easy To Repair - Even the most durable siding options will not be completely indestructible. The good news is, if your wood siding does become damaged over time, repairing this siding material is typically quite simple. The feature can help save you money over time when compared to other siding options that will require you to replace the damaged siding rather than repair it.

The Bad

  • High Maintenance - Wood is susceptible to moisture damage if it is not properly sealed. Since waterproof sealants wear off over time, you will need to commit to sanding and resealing your wood siding every few years in order to prevent this type of damage.
  • Susceptible To Pests - Wood is a favorite meal for many pests, such as termites and certain types of beetles. Preventing these pests from claiming your siding as their next meal can require a considerable investment in pest control products and services over the years.

The Bottom Line

While there are several impressive benefits that accompany the use of traditional wood siding, this siding option will not be right for all homeowners. For instance, individuals who are unable to commit to regular maintenance will often find that these shingles do not hold up over time as well as expected. These individuals will typically do better with a low maintenance option, such as vinyl siding.

In order to further discuss the pros and cons of wood siding or to explore the other options which may be available to you, be sure to contact a reputable siding contractor in your local area, such as Fredericksburg Builders, to request an onsite consultation.