Tips For Surviving Your Home Remodeling Project This Summer

There's no doubt about it: home remodeling can turn your life upside down. With your household amenities severely limited, noise levels rising and sawdust coating your furniture, home remodeling can be a drag if not handled properly. These tips will help you survive your home remodeling project with the least amount of stress. 

Go On Vacation

Imagine relaxing on a tropical beach, drinking a martini, while your house is transformed by capable contractors thousands of miles away. This is by far the most preferred option for many homeowners. If your contractor doesn't need you around, plan to be on vacation during the most intense parts of the project. By getting yourself out of the house for the worst of the demolition and construction, you can avoid being in your contractor's way and have a good time while doing it.

Camp Out in the Back Yard

With all that noise and mess in the house, you may find the back yard a more pleasant place to be. Plan to grill for your meals and sleep under the stars when your house is turned over to the contractors. This mini vacation in the back yard is a good option if your contractor needs to have you around to make decisions during the construction process.

Set Up Alternative Rooms of the House

If you're going to lose access to your kitchen or bathroom during the remodeling process, you're going to need alternative means for cooking and using the toilet. Set up a temporary kitchen in your garage with a portable propane stove, mini microwave and a mini fridge. This will allow you to store and reheat takeout and prepare small meals.

If you're going to lose total access to your bathroom, make arrangements to put a portable toilet and sink station in the back yard, so you'll still have somewhere to go when nature calls.

Kennel the Pets and Send Away the Kids

Kids and pets can get in the way and find trouble while construction is taking place. To avoid problems and limit your stress levels, send your children to a summer camp or to stay with relatives, and send your pets to a pet sitter for the duration of the project.

For more information about how your home remodeling project can go smoothly, speak with a contractor from a business like Sherman & Walton INC. They will be able to give you tips and advice for maintaining sanity during the most hectic moments of the construction as well as answer any questions you have about the remodeling process itself.