Four Green Building Features That Can Help You Get Energy Efficient Certifications

Today, green building designs can help to reduce costs in many different ways. There are many ways that green solutions can reduce costs. They can also have benefits such as green building certifications to qualify owners for tax deductions, grants and other rewards. If you want to have a building with a green design, here are some features that can help you to get the green certification you are looking for:

1. Integration Of Renewable Resources

If you want to get the highest green building certifications, you will want to include renewable resources. This can include the installation of solar panels and wind turbines. There are even solar energy products that can be integrated into building materials such as siding and roofing. You can also add rain water collection and filtration to provide water for the needs of the building. These systems can provide your building with renewable resources.

2. Efficient Mechanical Systems Designs

Efficient mechanical systems are also important for green building design. This can include things like geothermal HVAC and solar heating solutions for heating and hot water.  For more efficient cooling and heating, good insulation and ventilation can help to provide the efficiency you need for your mechanical systems.

3. Using Building Materials That Help Reduce Energy Loss

There are lot of good building materials that can give your building better insulation. You may want to consider using materials like continuous insulation systems. You can also use better performing roofing materials synthetic slate or install a cool roofing system to help reduce energy loss. Cool roofing systems reflect heat from the sun to keep buildings cool.  Newer roofing materials can provide more insulation and reduce energy loss in a building.

4. Exterior Building Materials That Are Environmentally Friendly

There are also many choices of exterior finishes for your building. These can be materials that are reclaimed or recycled to reduce costs and find new use for things that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Siding and roofing can also be made out of synthetic composites that are not only energy efficient, but also made out of recycled materials. Exterior finishes can also be green roofs that have soil and plants to help create green space and insulate a building.

These are some of the building design features that can help to get certifications for green building designs. If you need to have a green building built, contact a building contractor (such as Lugbill Construction Co.) to get the help you need with the design of your eco-friendly project.