Three Tips To Help You Combat Fungus Growth On Your Roof And Make It Last Longer

If you have a roof with a lot of shade, this can be the perfect condition for fungus to grow on your roof. The problem with fungus is that it can eat away at the granules and harbor moisture. This can cause shingles to wear faster and wood roof decking to rot. If you want your shingles to last longer, you will want to do everything possible to prevent fungus from growing on your roof. Here are some things that you can do to prevent fungus growth on your roof:

1. Regular Cleaning To Remove Debris From The Roof

It is important to regularly clean any debris that builds up on your roof. Debris like leaves and dirt from trees can contain moisture and give fungus a place to start growing. Regularly sweeping this material off of your roof can help to prevent moisture and fungus. If you have trees with branches that are close to the roof, you may want to trim them back to reduce dirt on your roof. This can also allow more sun to get to your roof and prevent moss and lichen from growing.

2. Cleaning Stained Roofing With Light Bleach And A Garden Hose

Even with regular maintenance, you roof may eventually become stained and have the beginnings of fungus. To get rid of the stains, you can use a light bleach solution and clean it with a garden hose. You can use a broom to gently scrub the stains off the roof. It is important that you do not use a pressure washer because this can damage the shingles and reduce the life of your asphalt shingles. Instead, apply the bleach solution and lightly rinse it off with a garden hose.

3. Installing Zinc Strips To Prevent Fungus Growth And Staining

If there are areas of your home that have a lot of shade, zinc strips can be used to kill any moss or lichen. You can have a zinc strip installed at the top of the roof. When it rains the zinc will bleed down the roof and prevent fungus growth. This is a great solution for homes that have a lot of shades from other buildings or trees that cannot be removed. Four large sections of roof, you may want to have more than one zinc strip installed beneath the shingles.

These are some things that you can do to prevent fungus from growing on your roof. If you need help getting some of these things done to your roof, contact a roofing contractor like Darr Roofing and talk with them about what can be done to keep the fungus off your roof.