Business Moving And Have A Large Property? Why You Need A Land Survey

If your business is moving to a large property, you need to hire a surveyor before you sign on that dotted line. The surveyor will come to your property and tell you what the boundary lines are on the property, as well as give you much more information that you will find helpful if you ever decide to sell your business in the future. Below is some information about what a surveyor will do for you and your business.


The surveyor will determine where your underground wiring, gas pipes, sewer pipes and water lines are located on your property. If you plan to do any type of construction on the land in the future, you will need to know this information so you do not dig in these areas. If you were to dig and hit any of these things, this would result in a lot of money in repairs, as well as cost you a lot of time.


If you install something and it crosses over a set boundary of a business nearby, it is known as an encroachment. For example, the neighboring business may have a fence that sits even a few inches on your land, or your fence may sit on their property. This may not seem to be a problem for you or the other business, but it will become a big problem if your fence were to fall down, and cause any kind of damage to that business's property. In a case like this, you would likely be liable to make any needed repairs on your own.

Right-of-Ways and Easements

To make sure all of your property is really yours, a surveyor will check the right-of-ways and easements. You never know if your local utility company or the neighboring business has been granted a right-of-way or easement. This can affect the things you do on your property. For example, you may not be able to install a new parking lot exactly where you want it, or you may be limited on how large your parking lot can be, if the other business has been given a right of way to a certain area.

A title company may provide the surveyor with copies of all easements. The surveyor will then use these copies to help them locate any easements. There should be many surveyors in your area that you can hire to do this type of work for you.  For more information, contact a company like Arizona Surveying and Mapping