Top Signs That Your Well Pump May Be Failing

Have you recently moved into a home with its own water well? Do you know how to tell whether or not your water pump is in good condition or if it needs to be repaired or replaced? Just like any other piece of machinery, a water pump can sometimes break down for no apparent reason. But there are often signs beforehand that something needs to be done. Here are some signs that there may be more serious issues ahead:

Suddenly high electrical bill: If your water well is getting clogged by sand or silt, your pump may be working harder or longer to draw up the same amount of water as before. If this is allowed to continue, your pump is likely to break down and you'll have to contact your local water pump repair company. Having your well cleaned out by a professional may solve the issue and prevent burn-out. Another cause of a high electrical bill can be if the pressure release valve on your system starts to go bad. Instead of only opening when the water in the system is pressurized too much, it may start to leak and allow water to flow back down into the well. When this happens, your pump will keep running in order to keep up with the loss and your electricity bill will skyrocket.

Water or oil around the pump: Although it pumps water, a surface pump's exterior should normally be dry. Many water pumps come with a feature called a weep hole. Normally, nothing at all comes out of the hole. If the hole is leaking small amounts of oil, then you may need a minor water pump repair to keep it going. If there is a lot of oil or water coming out of your pump, then you'll need to replace the pump as soon as possible. Checking your pump as often as possible will help you catch issues like this before they become bigger problems.

Air in pipes: Sometimes, the air in your pipes is normal. There may be dissolved carbon dioxide or other gasses in the water, turning your tap water into seltzer water. If this seems to be a permanent issue, it can be remedied by the addition of an aeration or degassing system between your well and your house. But air in your pipes can also be an indication that your well piping is cracked or corroded. If cracked or corroded, the pump may be drawing surface air into your pipes, where it eventually comes out of your faucet. 

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