Three Signs You Need To Drill A New Well

If you have never lived on a property that had its own water well and have just moved onto one for the first time, then you may be quite unfamiliar with some of the warning signs that you need a new well. Some of these warning signs may surprise you, while others should definitely give you cause for concern and cause you to question your well's health and water availability. If you notice any of the following signs, call a water well drilling company right away to get a new well started.

Gases Coming Out of the Well Shaft Are Flammable

This is a particularly scary and dangerous situation because it only takes a lit match, lighter or burning cigarette butt to ignite the flammable gases coming out of your well. Additionally, if these gases are easily rising to the top of the well, it means there is not much water below that is preventing the gases from escaping. In addition to drilling for a new well, you may want a natural gas expert to investigate your old well and offer some suggestions on how to stop these gases from surfacing.

More Sludge Than Water Is Coming Out of the Pipes

Whether you haul or pump your water up by the bucketful, or you have a well pump that pumps the water directly into your home, it should not be dark, dirty or sludgy. If your water is so full of sludge and unrecognizable particles that you are worried about drinking it, it is time for a new well. Additionally, have your well tested for any run-off pollutants that could have come from nearby farms or industrial plants. These tests will help prevent the same toxic issues from occurring in your new well after it has been dug.

Flies Are Swarming the Opening of Your Old Well

Flies go to mate where dead things are or where living things are bound to die. If you have dozens and dozens of flies swarming around your old well, it could mean that a) it is highly contaminated and very toxic, or b) something already slipped into your well, died and is creating a very diseased water supply for you (but a very delicious meal for the flies). Taking any more water from a well where something has fallen in and drowned/died could lead to numerous gastrointestinal illnesses and some bloodborne diseases or parasites. Have a well expert, like those at Hudson Valley Drilling, take a look at what is causing the problem in your old well before you dig the new one.