Can You Install Hardwood Floors In The Bathroom?

Hardwood floors look great in a bathroom. They are durable and water resistant if they are properly treated. Installing hardwood floors in a bathroom is a manageable DIY project because the surface area is so small. If you buy the right type of hardwood floor, you might be able to install it on your own. Engineered hardwood floors are designed with the consumer in mind. They are basically made so anybody, no matter their level of training, can install them. The planks have a modular build that allows them to attach to each other without any screws. Also, they are sold in kits that come with specific and easy-to-follow instructions. But, installing hardwood floors is still a big project and it is not for everybody. This article explains some things that you should consider before deciding to install to save some money.

Will it Go Over Your Current Floors?

Another important thing to consider when installing hardwood floors is the state of your current floors. If your subfloor is already exposed, you should have nothing to worry about as long as the surface is relatively flat. However, it can be very difficult if you want to remove tile and replace it with hardwood. Some materials, like linoleum (which is common bathrooms) can have hardwood installed directly on top with hardly any prep work. Likewise, it is usually very easy to remove carpet flooring to expose the subfloor for hardwood installation. If you have a floor that will require a lot of work to demolish, hardwood installation might not be a practical DIY project.

Cutting Around the Toilet

The hardest part of the whole installation might be cutting around the toilet and installing the hardwood behind it. The job is much easier if you temporarily remove the toilet from the floor. Then, you can cut the hardwood to fit around the opening. After the floor is installed, you can reattach the toilet on top of the hardwood and then reseal it. At this point, you might choose to invest in a new toilet to make your bathroom remodel more comprehensive.

If you feel that hardwood flooring installation is beyond you, for whatever reason, don't waste your time. You will have to spend a little bit of cash on the labor cost, but hardwood is still a relatively affordable bathroom flooring product. It is really a great investment, no matter who installs it. Click here for more info