Got A Basement? 3 Ways Water Can Cause Damage

If you have a basement, you should know that floods aren't the only things that can cause water damage. Even a small amount of moisture can wreak havoc on your basement. That's why waterproofing is so important. Here are three problems that can cause water damage in your basement.


Wet weather can be particularly harmful to your basement. As the rain falls, it builds up around the foundation of your home. Unfortunately, that ground water can leak through to your basement. To prevent rain water damage, there are a couple of simple things you can do around the house.

First, be sure that the soil slopes away from the foundation of your home. This will create a natural path for rain water to drain away from your home. Second, extend downspouts on your rain gutters. This is particularly important if your current downspouts empty right at the edge of your home. Finally, install a french drain around the perimeter of your home. A french drain allows water to flow into a drainage pit where it can be absorbed into the soil.


Humidity can destroy a basement. Humidity can cause mold to grow in your basement and can also weaken the drywall or plasterboard you may have installed. Basement bathrooms, clothes dryers and even water heaters can cause excessive humidity. To test for humidity in your basement, simply tape a 12" square piece of aluminum foil to your basement wall. Leave the foil in place for about 24 hours. If the back of the foil is moist when you remove it, you have a moisture problem in your basement. Here's what you can do to prevent humidity in your basement.

  • Install exhaust fans in basement bathrooms
  • Insulate exterior-facing walls
  • Insulate exposed pipes
  • Install exhaust vents on your clothes dryer
  • Seal vent joints with foil tape

Leaky Pipes

If you have leaky pipes in your basement, they could be causing extensive damage to your home. Leaky pipes can cause water to seep into the concrete, which can undermine your foundation. Leaky pipes can also contribute to mold growth in your basement. To prevent water damage, you should inspect your basement plumbing at least once a month. This will ensure that leaks are detected and repaired quickly.

Water and moisture can cause serious damage to your home. The information provided here will help you identify potential water and moisture problems in your basement. To learn more, speak with someone like Central Penn Waterproofing.