Installing A Pool But Stressed About Safety? What To Know

Every year, hundreds of people die across the United States due to swimming accidents. These problems may arise because neighbors don't get permission and sneak in or because people accidentally fall in. If you want to put a pool in your backyard but are worried about safety, it is imperative to get the right features. 

As long as you take the necessary precautions, you should be able to keep the area closed off when needed. Here are a few features you want to talk with your pool contractor about in advance.

Pool Fencing

Most cities or townships require that homeowners have a fence around the pool; you'll want to ask your pool contractor what the regulations are in your area. A self-latching gate or locking option for the fence is great if you have small children and you don't want them to get in.

Vinyl privacy fencing is ideal if you don't want anyone to see you inside the pool or on the pool deck area, and it's easy to maintain since you spray it clean with water and it never has to be painted. Iron fencing is a decorative option that allows sunlight to still pass through and has more curb appeal, but it still is very secure. Talk with the fencing company or check out places like to see what options would work best with your pool.

Pool Motion Alarms  

A motion alarm system will notify you if there is movement in the water. You set the alarm at night or any time during the day when no one is supposed to be in the pool, and then it sirens or signals wirelessly when there is movement. This could get the authorities to the house quickly when someone falls in and no one is there, and it can wake you if someone falls in at night.

A Weight-bearing Cover that Locks

A cover that goes around the pool and fits tightly, so it doesn't dip into the water with weight, is the safest option. If something or someone fell on the cover they wouldn't go into the water with a cover suffocating them or taking them down to the bottom of the pool. Instead, they could get up and walk off the cover. These covers also come with locks.

Your pool contractor may be able to add some of these costs in your overall quote for the pool if you are trying to get a loan for the project. Get multiple estimates and compare the costs of different contractors in the area to get the best price.