What You Need To Consider Before Having An Old Home Interior Demolished

Old houses often have a charm and style that is unmatched in modern homes. Unfortunately, they also often have wood rot, pest infestations, and layers of wallpaper covering crumbling plaster walls. Renovating an old house, particularly if the house has not been properly maintained, will usually require a complete demolition of the interior. To ensure safety and to determine the structural integrity of the home, it may be necessary to hire a demolition specialist. A demolition should not be rushed into without any thought, so here are some questions the property owner should consider before it begins.

Are there restrictions because of its historical status?

Homes listed on the National Registry of Historic Homes are able to be renovated as long as there is not any federal funding of the home. This would have likely been mentioned when the home was sold, but not necessarily. If there is any concern of a potential problem because of the status of the home, it is a good idea to contact the registry before making any changes. 

Can anything be salvaged before demolition?

The interior may be a loss due to old wiring, inadequate heating, and crumbling plaster, but that does not mean there is no value left to the materials. Simple things like trim, doorknobs, and fireplace mantels are often salvageable. Even if they are not something the homeowner would like to use in their design, there are many people renovating old homes who are willing to pay well for genuine items rather than using replicas. Other items to save are vintage lighting fixtures, claw foot tubs, and even kitchen sinks.

Was an asbestos inspection performed to avoid delays?

Asbestos is a serious concern and it can be found in a number of areas throughout a home. This includes ceiling and floor tiles, insulation, and siding. The demolition team will need to cease working if any asbestos is found and wait until a removal expert clears the site. This can lead to many additional costs that could endanger the completion of the project if owner does not have enough budgeted for unwelcome surprises. Have an inspection performed before a demolition team is hired to avoid this problem.

Hiring a demolition crew is a great way to get to the bare bones of the home. Having this step professionally performed will ensure that nothing structurally necessary is removed, and it will create a blank canvas for the owner that wants to recreate the home for themselves. This phase of renovating is much messier and more complex than many people realize. Demolition companies can do the work safely and remove the tons of waste after the process.