Hidden Electrical: 3 Tips For Getting Creative With Conveniently-Placed Outlets

It is almost impossible to have too many outlets in your home, especially with the number of appliances that a given household uses on a regular basis. However, some homeowners don't like the appearance of outlets or are inconvenienced by them. If this sounds like you, here are three ways you can creatively hide your outlets while still ensuring that they are easily accessible when you need power:

Recess Your Outlets into the Wall

How bad do you hate it when you stub your toe on the dresser or the couch the sticks out too far from the wall because of an outlet? Or maybe you are just tired of seeing that huge gap between your furniture and the wall. Whatever the case may be, a quick and easy solution is having an electrician come in and recess your outlets into the wall. You will still have electricity access whenever and wherever you may need it, but you don't have to worry about any gaps and the inconvenience those gaps cause. This can be done behind beds, sofas, bookshelves, entertainment centers, etc. and it makes for a much more visually-appealing space.

Add Outlets into Kitchen Cabinetry

Cluttered countertops are not eye-appealing. This is true whether you are in the kitchen or the bathroom. However, you have appliances that you use frequently that you prefer to keep plugged in and easily accessible so that you don't have to worry about constantly dragging it in and out of the cabinets and then finding an available plug so that it can actually be used. One effective and creative solution to this is to have an electrician install outlets inside your cabinets. This will allow you to hide your appliances, while also keeping them plugged in and ready-to-use when you need them. At the same time, though, it frees up a ton of space on your countertop and improves the overall aesthetics of the space. This can be done in both the kitchen and the bathroom.

Add Outlets Specifically for Holiday Décor

Are you a big sticker for holiday decorations? Extension cords can not only be unsightly, but they can be unsafe as well. So, to help free up the use of extension cords, why not consider having an electrician add outlets in areas where you like to hang lights and use electrical holiday décor? For example, outlets can be placed high on the wall just beneath the crown molding, or an outlet can be installed on the exterior of your home underneath the roof's eaves. Visit http://aaaeinc.com/ for more information.