3 Essential Safety Tips to Remember When Doing Work on a Roof

There may be times when you need to get on your roof and do a small repair. You may get on the roof to clean off debris or clean the gutters. No matter what the reason is for you to get on your roof, you will want to stay safe on your roof. There are some simple things to remember, like wearing the correct shoes, using a ladder correctly, and using fall protection when needed. Here are some essential safety tips to keep you safe while you are doing work on any roof.

1. Wear Soft Shoes and Carry a Foam Cushion to Prevent Sliding on Shingles

Soft shoes are an important element of staying safe when doing work on a roof. You may think about putting work boots on when you get on a roof, but you will be safer with soft-soled shoes. This is because they provide a better grip on asphalt shingles and allow your feet to adapt to the contours of the roof. In addition, a small foam cushion can be good to prevent sliding as well as protect you from contact with fiberglass that is in many roofing products.

2. Use the Ladder Correctly and Use Scaffolding Jacks for Small Roof Repairs

The ladder is one of the most dangerous elements of doing any type of maintenance around your home. When you use a ladder to get on your roof, make sure that it is leaned away from the roof at a good angle and that several rungs of the ladder extend above the eave. In addition, you may want to use scaffold jacks for some repairs, like replacing shingles. If you use scaffold jacks, use them correctly. The ones that nail or screw to the roof should be attached to rafters and not the plywood decking and should have walk-boards that only span a short distance if you are using wood.

3. Get the Appropriate Fall Protection and Use It Correctly on Higher Elevations

For higher work, you may need to use fall protection, or harnesses and ropes designed for doing roofing work. It is important that these systems are used correctly. Like with scaffold jacks, any tie-downs that fasten to the roof need to be attached to something solid and not plywood decking. In addition, the rope of your harness should only allow you to come to the edge of the roof and no further.

These are some essential safety tips to help you stay safe while working on a roof. It is important that you take precautions when doing this type of work and follow any safety advice. If you have need help with some of your roof repairs, contact a roofing service such as Grissom Contracting to help get the maintenance done safely.