The Easy Method And Understanding Of Preserving Your Parking Lot From Damages

Do you own a commercial property with paved parking? If so, you may have never considered that parking lots in need of repairs can result in business losses. This is because customers may fear that parking lot damages such as potholes may damage sensitive components of their vehicles such as sensors. Noticeable parking lot damage may also cause people to avoid your commercial property due to personal safety concerns such as prowlers and other unscrupulous individuals. The following are a few things that you can do to protect your parking lot, and these measures are simple enough to be performed by the average individual.

Clear debris in a timely manner

Do not make the mistake of thinking that organic debris such as leaves will not cause damage to your parking lot. Instead, think of these substances as moisture harborers. This is because when they mix with wetness, they will stick to paved substances like a wet rag. Over time, the compacted wet substances can deteriorate pavement. Clearing all debris away is your best defense because even inorganic materials such as rocks could obstruct water and allow it to pool in certain areas of your lot. 

Ensure that the lot has proper drainage

Drainage will be an ongoing thing for you to check if you want to prolong the life of your parking lot. Drainage areas can get congested, which means that they may not be able to effectively drain water. It is also possible for drainage passages to get damaged as a result of age or inclement weather. Improper drainage can result in water being absorbed into the ground where it can cause the ground to swell similarly to a sponge. Ground that swells underneath pavement can lead to premature cracking. You also run the risk of water getting absorbed into the pavement when there are drainage issues. 

Routinely inspect for minor damages

Even with your best efforts, your paved parking lot might have cosmetic damages as it ages. You can prevent these minor imperfections from becoming major damages by spotting them and getting them repaired in a timely manner. Cracks in your pavement can be compared to broken skin in humans because both are entry points for foreign materials that can wreak havoc. 

Request sealcoating services

You may be under the impression that sealcoating your parking lot is optional or that it is a service that you need after damage has occurred. Sealcoating is actually a protective measure to thwart cracks and other lot damages that can occur when leaking vehicle fluids and water come into contact with pavement. You can think of sealcoating as sunscreen because the small measure will protect you for years to come.

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