Septic Tank Maintenance During The Holidays

Your septic tank may function well throughout the year, but some septic systems can struggle to keep up with demand at the holidays. With extra people staying in your house, your home will likely produce more wastewater than normal, and some unwanted items may get flushed down the kitchen and bathroom drains. Controlling these problems can help you keep your home in good working order over the holidays.

Inform Holiday Guests

People who are used to living in a home with a sewer may not understand the difference between a septic tank and a sewer system. When your guests arrive, kindly explain that certain items cannot be flushed down your home's drains, including:

  • Medicines
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Antibacterial cleaners and hand sanitizers

If you're uncomfortable talking to your guests about your septic system, put up small, tasteful signs in your bathrooms and kitchen.

Stagger Showers and Laundry

Larger than normal amounts of water flooding your septic system can prevent solids from properly settling at the bottom of your septic tank and can potentially lead to clogs. Staggering your household showers and loads of laundry can help prevent these problems. Coordinate with your guests to space out showers and laundry cleaning throughout the day to ease the burden on your septic system.

Install a Septic Tank-Friendly Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal might create problems for your septic tank. By flushing extra solids into your septic system, your garbage disposal could cause clogs and septic tank backups.

Some households can get away with occasional use of their garbage disposal for ordinary meals, but holiday meals can be especially problematic because they're so large. You can avoid this problem by either disconnecting your garbage disposal, or by installing a septic tank-friendly garbage disposal unit before the arrival of the holidays.

Remind Guests Not to Flush Fat and Grease Down the Drain

People who live in your house are probably used to preventing cooking oil and grease from flowing down the kitchen drain, but your guests may need special instructions. If your guests help you clean up after meals, kindly remind them not to dump fats and oils down the kitchen drain.

Get Your Septic Tank Cleaned

Septic tank pumping should happen approximately every 2 or 3 years. If your home's septic tank hasn't been serviced in a few years, have this done now before the start of the holidays. Later in the fall, you may become busy making plans and buying gifts, and that can make it harder to get routine septic tank maintenance scheduled.

For more tips on how to keep your septic tank problem-free over the holidays, talk to a pumping service like All County Operations.