Tips for Homeowners to Apply Decorative Window Film

If you've decided to apply a decorative window film to your home's windows, you may be thinking that you need a professional to do the work. Window films are easier to apply than you might think, and most homeowners can successfully do the work on their own with a little bit of preparation. Here's a look at what you need to know to apply film like this to your home's windows. 

Choose the Right Time

One of the keys to a successful window film application is choosing the right time to do the work. The outside temperature can affect the adhesion of the film. You shouldn't apply the window film in the midst of the coldest winter temperatures because the adhesive will freeze, preventing it from setting. In addition, apply it early in the morning or after dusk so you don't have direct sunlight heating the window glass. That prevents the solution from evaporating before it can set.

Cut It Down to Size

Measure the width and height of each window using a tape measure. Add about three inches to each measurement so that you have a little bit of extra film to work with when you apply it. For example, if your window glass measures thirteen inches wide by twenty inches tall, cut the film to sixteen inches wide by twenty-three inches tall. Use a razor blade or a rotary cutter to cut the film to those measurements so you get a clean, straight edge.

Keep It Clean

Clean the windows thoroughly with an ammonia-free window cleaner. Use a lint-free cloth when you do it so you don't leave any lint behind. The lint could interfere with adhesion, so don't overlook this step.

Make Your Own Solution

The application solution is an important part of the process because it helps to form the bond between the film and the glass. Get a spray bottle and fill it with distilled water. Using distilled water ensures that there are no contaminants or minerals that can interfere with adhesion. Put a little bit of mild dish detergent in the water and mix it well.

Apply the Film

Spray the glass with the solution you created. Cover the glass surface thoroughly with it. Peel the backing from the film and slowly work the film onto the glass so that you don't get air pockets. Use a squeegee or something similar to ensure that it goes on the window smoothly. Use a box cutter or similar blade to trim the film along the window frame. Just be careful not to cut the frame itself. Use a hard piece of plastic like a bank card to push any bubbles toward the edge of the window to get rid of them. Then, spray the film one more time liberally with the solution, wipe it down with a squeegee, and you're all set.

For more information on windows and window films you can apply, talk to a professional like those at Central Glass Company.