Electricity And Your Pool: 3 Tips To Ensure The Wiring For Your Above-Ground Pool Is Safe

For one reason or another, you have decided to install an above-ground pool for your home. Just like with any other type of pool, you will need to have electrical wiring for filtration equipment, lighting, and other features around your pool area; it is essential that these electrical systems are safe for you and your family. Here are a few tips to help ensure that above-ground pool electrical systems are safe:

1. Using the Correct Lighting for Pools and Nearby Landscaping

The lighting in and around your pool is an investment that will make pool areas safer. It is essential that you have good lighting for your pool to enjoy it during night hours. It is also essential that pool lighting is installed correctly by a professional to prevent any potential electrical hazards that come with lighting in a wet environment. In addition to the lighting in your pool, it is also important to have the areas around your pool well-lit with the right lighting solutions.

2. Safely Wiring Pool Equipment with Grounded Systems in A Safe Location

In addition to the pool lighting, it is also important to have any pool equipment properly wired for the pool area. The pool equipment should be grounded and have the appropriate installations for safety to prevent electric shock hazards. There are specific standards for the GCFI outlets that are connected near pool areas, which are grounded outlets that have a lower rating, so they trip with the slightest amount of moisture. In addition, you will want to check with your local building authority about requirements for electrical systems around pool systems in your area.

3. Safely Running Electrical Wiring Near an Above-Ground Pool

Electrical wiring needs to also be safely run in your landscaping, so you will want to have a professional landscaping contractor help you with running conduits and installing the appropriate outdoor lighting solutions. They will also be able to help with features like synthetic rock structures that can be used to house and protect pool and electrical equipment near pool landscaping. An enclosed area for equipment is a great way to keep the electrical systems around your pool safe. 

These are a few tips to help ensure that your pool's electrical systems are safe. Contact a landscaping construction service to help with the wiring of your above-ground pool. The landscaping service will be able to help with the installation and design of features that help to protect outdoor electrical system.