Time For A Remodeling Project? How To Design A Bathroom For Teenagers

If you're planning a bathroom remodel for teenagers, you need to make sure that you get everything right. First, teenagers spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Second, they might not do the best job of cleaning up after themselves when they're done. Here are four additions you can include in the bathroom that will make their time in the bathroom more enjoyable, and the cleanup process much easier.

Frameless Shower Enclosure

When it comes to teenagers, they tend to take long showers. To make your teenager's showers more enjoyable, and give them more space to stretch out in, you need to include a frameless shower enclosure. Because the enclosures are frameless, they take up less space in the bathroom, which means you can make sure shower space larger. Not only that but because the shower enclosure is frameless, you won't be dealing with the soap scum. Your teens will have more space, and you'll have an easier time cleaning up after them.

Automatic Toilet

When you live with teenagers long enough, you learn that they don't always flush the toilet. Unfortunately, a failure to flush the toilet can lead to a couple of problems. First, it can cause unnecessary odors in the bathroom. Second, it makes the toilet more difficult to clean. Third, it's just not hygienic. You can facilitate cleanliness, and reduce bathroom odors, by installing an automatic toilet during the remodeling project. With automatic toilets, the flushing will activate as soon as your teen steps away from the toilet. No more worrying that your teen is forgetting to flush the toilet.

Easy-Clean Tile Floors

When you've got teenagers, the last thing you want to do is spend every day cleaning up the bathroom floors, especially around the base of the toilet. This is particularly true with teenage boys who don't always aim correctly. Instead of choosing carpet or flooring that's difficult to clean, be sure to stick with easy-to-clean tile floors. The bathroom will look beautiful, and the floors will come clean with a damp mop.

Additional Lighting

Regardless of your teenager's gender, they're going to be spending a lot of time in the bathroom getting ready for social activities. They'll want to make sure they can see properly. To make sure they're not trying to get ready in a dimly lit bathroom, be sure to include additional lighting fixtures during the remodeling project. The added lighting will ensure that your teens look their best when they leave the house.

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