What Happens During A 40-Year Building Certification?

If you have a business building that is older than most, you should not be surprised if the city where you live has a mandatory recertification once you hit the 40-year mark. These recertifications or certifications are done to ensure the building you own is up to code with current standards. When a new building is built, the local codes are naturally followed, but for an already existing structure, changes to local codes are often made that throw the previously fitting or safe structure unworthy.

If you have a 40-year recertification coming up, you are bound to be a little nervous. Here are a few things you should expect to happen during the inspection, so you know what to expect. 

Once you receive a notice, you will have so many days to have the certification completed. 

If you get a notice in the mail that your building has to have a certification, you will not be expected to have it done immediately. Things like this can take time because you will have to find a licensed contractor who is recognized by the city of being worthy to perform the inspection. Most places will give you a good span of time to have the certification complete, and the necessary paperwork turned into the governing office in charge. You may be given a month, two months, or even 90 days or half a year, depending on where you are located. 

Several aspects of the building will be assessed during the visit. 

The inspection for a 40-year recertification is pretty in-depth because there are so many different components of a building that will have to be checked. Naturally, you can expect electrical components to be checked, plumbing fixtures to be assessed, and other similar things. You can also expect the contractor to look at: 

  • the structural integrity of the building
  • the roofing system of the building
  • the soundness of any masonry work of the building
  • the density of concrete bearing systems

Once the assessment is made, you will be granted ample time to make changes. 

If there are issues found in your building with the inspection, you will be given a time frame to have those things repaired, replaced, or changed so everything will be up to code. In some cases, if problems are pretty prevalent, the city will grant you an extension if you cannot get everything done in the initially allotted time frame. 

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