How To Make Your Steel Fabrication Shop An Injury-Free Zone

When you run a steel fabrication shop, you can't afford to take chances with OSHA regulations. That's why it's crucial that you take the appropriate step to ensure employee safety. Increased workplace accidents and injuries can trigger an OSHA inspection. Failure to pass the OSHA inspections can lead to penalties, fines and even shutdowns. Here are four steps that will help you avoid workplace accidents and injuries.

Ensure Adequate Training

When it comes to reducing accidents and injuries in your steel fabrication shop, you can never provide your employees with too much training. In fact, monthly training sessions will help you maintain adequate levels of safety throughout the shop. Monthly training sessions provide refresher courses for your seasoned employees, and ensure that new hires receive the training they need to avoid accidents and injuries while they're starting out.

Enforce Safety Programs

In addition to the monthly training sessions, you also need to implement the proper workplace safety programs. Safety programs provide employees with a clear and concise set of rules to follow throughout the workday. However, for your safety program to be of maximum benefit, you'll need to ensure that the safety procedures implemented in the program are followed.

Provide Updated Equipment

If your employees are using outdated equipment, they're at an increased risk for accidents and injuries. This is particularly true if the outdated equipment is in poor condition, or missing vital safety features. To reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries, and to ensure that your steel fabrication shop operations at maximum efficiency, be sure to provide updated equipment for your employees. Most updated steel fabrication equipment include enhanced safety features that are designed to reduce the risk of injuries.

Encourage Employee Diligence

When it comes to reducing workplace accidents and injuries, it's important that your employees are encouraged to practice proper safety procedures. One way to do that is to reward safe work habits. Provide monthly statistics regarding workplace accidents and injuries. That way, your employees have a clear understanding of the safety issues within the shop. To encourage employee diligence, provide rewards for the months when no injuries or accidents occur. Providing a reward system will enhance on-the-job safety.

The tips provided here will promote shop safety, reduce the occurrence of on-the-job injuries, and encourage your employees to take workplace safety seriously. If you prefer to outsource steel fabrication from your shop, contact a company, like Select Steel, for more information.