3 Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repairs

Modern homes are built on foundations made of concrete. These foundations are meant to provide stability to the home, but they can become a source of instability when they fall into disrepair.

A faulty foundation can lead to a host of problems with the function and safety of your home. Inspect your home with the following three signs in mind to determine if you need to invest in foundation repairs.

1. Cracks

One of the ways that you can diagnose foundation problems is by carefully examining the walls inside your home. Interior walls should be smooth and free of cracks. Visible cracks in painted walls or bulges underneath wallpaper can indicate that the foundation is no longer supporting your home equally in all areas.

A professional must be called in to reinforce the sagging section of your foundation to prevent further damage to your home.

2. Sticking Doors

Have you ever paid attention to how easily the doors in your home open and close? Changes in door function can be a tell-tale sign of foundation problems. As the damaged sections of foundation allow your home to sink and settle, the door frames inside your residence are no longer square. This can cause a door to stick.

You can look at the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor in your home. This gap should be uniform in size across the length of the door. If the gap is larger on one side than on the other, you will need a construction professional to repair your foundation so that your home will sit level once again.

3. Water

The presence of water in your basement or crawlspace is never a good sign. Water is extremely destructive when it accumulates inside your home. A damaged foundation can serve as a gateway for water inside the soil surrounding your home to migrate inside your residence.

The water moves from the soil into your home through cracks in the foundation wall as a result of hydrostatic pressure. A foundation specialist will need to install a specialized drain and repair any cracks in the foundation wall to prevent water from damaging the structural stability of your home.

The quality of your home's foundation can have a direct effect on the function and safety of the property. Anytime you notice cracks in the wall, sticking doors, or excess moisture, you should have your home's foundation inspected and repaired by a licensed professional.