Stress Fractures In Your Bathroom Floor Tiling: Why It May Be Time For Remodeling Services

Large, square bathroom floor tiles keep their nice appearance for a very long time. However, when you notice tiny cracks in tiles here and there, you may wonder what is going on. These are actually stress fractures that are caused by weakened areas in the tiles over time. Every one of these tiles has been placed and grouted in, so when they begin to fracture, that is just the beginning. Here are some more details about what happens next, as well as why it may be time for bathroom remodeling services. 

The Fractures Left As-Is and What It Becomes Later

When you leave these stress fractures in the floor tile just as they are, they impact all of the floor tiles around them. As the floor tiles continue to split, they create an imbalance in the tension between the fractured tiles and the next tiles closest to them because they are all fitted and grouted together. As such, the tiles nearest the fractured ones begin to split and crack as well. The hairline cracks spread like the cracks in a windshield until they have nowhere else to split. After that, the tiles begin to break up, causing jagged bits of porcelain or stone (depending on what you have) to pop out of place. It is dangerous for your feet and worse for the floor. 

The more cracks you have, the more bits will eventually break free of the floor. While that is happening, the flooring underneath will begin to suffer. In many cases the floor underneath is wood, and it begins to absorb all of the moisture from the bathroom. All of that moisture rots the wood. Now you have broken floor tiles and a rotting wooden floor underlay. The whole of the bathroom floor has to be ripped out and replaced, and to do that, the bathroom fixtures (i.e., the toilet, the vanity or sink and the tub) all have to be removed to get all of the damaged flooring out. 

If You Have to Remove Fixtures to Rip out the Floor, You Can Replace Fixtures

You already have to remove all bathroom fixtures to get out all of the damaged flooring. At this point, you can choose to put the fixtures back once the floor is fixed, or you can choose to replace some or all of the fixtures with new ones. If your old fixtures are really outdated, then now is the perfect time to replace them with new ones and have the new ones installed after the floor has been fixed.

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