Don't Think Of A Garage As Merely A Place For Your Car

When most people think of a garage they imagine a building where you can park your car. It might be attached to your home and have an door for entering the house, or it could be completely detached from any building. Regardless of the placement, people think of an open building with a concrete floor, bar walls, and an unfinished ceiling. There is a large door on the front of the building that either swings or rolls up to allow a car to enter. However, if you are thinking about having a garage built, you can have it custom made to fit your family's needs. Here are just a few things you might want out of the extra space.


If you have a hobby that requires more space than you have in the house, you can turn a part of the garage into a workroom. This can be especially handy if the hobby involves working on vehicles. However, don't think you can only use the space for mechanical endeavors. Make the building large enough to have a small room for sewing, woodworking, or any type of arts and crafts. 


Quite often, a garage gets used for storage. Instead of using all the car space for off-season clothing or decorations, sporting equipment, or other items you only use occasionally, work with the contractor to create storage areas in the building. This could mean adding shelves and cupboards to the walls, or perhaps having a loft or attic in the top half. You will still be able to fit the car inside and yet everything can be stored neatly so you can easily find it when you need it.

Recreation Room

Some people like the idea of a separate room for playing games. When the games involve items like a pool or ping pong table, you definitely need a large area for playing. A garage can be built to provide a nice, comfortable area for all different kinds of games. Since you will be using the area a lot, you should be sure to have good insulation and vents for the HVAC system. of course, you can always add space to park the car too.

Do not limit yourself when thinking about adding a garage to your home. You will already be working with custom garage builders, so why not make the space a little larger to add extra living space to your home?