Seven Things You Can Do To Make Sure Your New Windshield Stays In Good Shape

If you take good care of your new windshield, it will last as long as possible while maintaining its pristine new appearance. Below are seven things you can do to make sure your new windshield stays in the best possible shape over time.

Try not to overdo it with power washing your vehicle

Washing your vehicle is important to maintaining its appearance and condition. However, you don't want to get carried away with excessively abrasive washing techniques.

Avoid power washing your vehicle to protect your windshield as well as your paint job. Power washing can create chips or cracks in your windshield. It's best to just wash your vehicle with a sponge, hose, and soapy water. 

Don't drive your vehicle too soon after the windshield installation

Your windshield installation technician will likely tell you to wait for a certain period of time before driving after the new windshield is installed. The recommended amount of time to wait before driving with a new windshield varies depending on what type of vehicle glass your vehicle has as well as what adhesive the technician uses.

Generally speaking, you should expect to leave your vehicle sitting at least a few hours so that the adhesive can set properly and the windshield becomes fixated firmly in place before you drive your vehicle again. 

Keep retention tape in place

There may be retention tape over your windshield molding after you have a new windshield installed. This tape protects the windshield seal. You should leave this tape in place for a few days after your windshield is installed to give any adhesive that was used adequate time to dry. 

Crack open a window slightly in the days after the installation

Leaving a window open slightly can help avoid excess stress on the seal that holds your new windshield in place. Just crack a window open slightly for a few days after the windshield installation to keep air pressure down in your vehicle. 

Close your vehicle doors gently

Slamming vehicle doors can put added stress on your windshield and other vehicle glass. Get in the habit of gently closing your doors and trunk to prevent harsh vibrations from damaging windshield glass. 

Avoid parking your vehicle beneath overhead obstacles

One of the most common causes of windshield repair or replacement needs is impact damage. You can minimize the chances that your windshield will experience impact damage by never parking your vehicle beneath overhead obstacles that could fall down onto your windshield and cause cracks. 

Avoid driving your vehicle during periods of inclement weather

Your vehicle is more likely to be struck by obstacles like falling branches when it is driven in inclement weather. You can therefore avoid driving during storms and heavy winds to protect your windshield from damage. 

To learn more, contact a windshield replacement professional.