6 Home Remodeling Ideas You Should Think About

Taking on a home remodeling project is at once exciting and challenging. It's also a great chance to knock out as many ideas as possible. If you're preparing to remodel, here are 6 things you may want to think about doing.

Floor-to-Ceiling Garage Storage

Most garages have a fair amount of space where storage can be installed. Putting in shelves will allow you to add bins for storage. You can even go a step further by using RFID tags on the bins to track what's in them. If you want to know what's in each one, you can simply scan it and see.

Freestanding Bathtub

A lot of bathtubs end up being built into the wall, and that's fine as a practical solution. A freestanding tub, however, will look amazing. It will also allow you to move around the tub, and you'll have more space to place things like stands and holders.

New Fixtures That Provide Space

Another way to maximize space in your home is to swap out the existing fixtures for ones that provide additional space. For example, a sink can be replaced with one that includes extra drawers and even racks. Instead of having to purchase a towel rack, you can take advantage of the new space.

Creating a New Room

This is a bit of a go-big idea, but it's also a very fun one. If you need to add a bedroom, for example, you might want to completely redo the floor plan for a particular level of your house. Space can be claimed from two or more nearby rooms to create something new, such as a half bath, craft room, or guest bedroom.

Open Design

Walls can become a bit stuffy for some folks, and it might be fun to open things up. This is an especially interesting idea if you have, for example, a dining room, living room, and kitchen all next to each other. While the support beams will have to be left in place, you can knock out the walls to give the house a greater sense of openness.

Bigger and More Sophisticated Closets

There's no such thing as owning a house with too much closet space. Likewise, new systems for hanging clothes and storing items make it possible to leverage the heck out of your available closet space. Add practical features, too, such as putting in a mirror and a sliding door.