Tips for Homeowners to Apply Decorative Window Film

If you've decided to apply a decorative window film to your home's windows, you may be thinking that you need a professional to do the work. Window films are easier to apply than you might think, and most homeowners can successfully do the work on their own with a little bit of preparation. Here's a look at what you need to know to apply film like this to your home's windows.

Three Other Uses for CD Weld Pins (Besides Insulation Installation)

In the world of welding, CD (or capacitor discharge) weld pins are typically used to hold blanket insulation in place. However, that is not their sole use or purpose, and these pins can be used in lots of other ways. The following examples show just a few of the ways in which these "pins" can be used. Creating a Studded Look on Your Custom Ride Because these stud "pins" are capped off with self-locking washers, they create a sort of studded appearance when they are fully installed.